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Sunday, January 29, 2012


This is about the sudden urge to nibble on marshmallows.
And about sauce smilies on egg poaches.
About spilling water on silly cats.
And then watching them hurriedly scoot away.

Freakishly unconnected events. Blahs.

But strangely enough, they are all known to lend clueless smiles on gloomy days.

On a completely different note, Im missing home right now. Missing Saraswati pujo in that building. The dulcet smell of sandal wood and the delightful yum of khejur guder payesh. But most importantly, I miss decking up in mom’s yellow sarree, just so I can aimlessly roam about the dumpy lanes of Lakegardens. And that involuntary act of tucking strands of hair behind the ear, every time I bumped into the cute someone.

Damn my exams. I am so missing out on all the goofing around.
In between the air that was so damn electric.

P.s : Have a nice time being foolish every one. Have a great weekend and an awesome Sarawati puja :-)

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