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Sunday, January 31, 2010

yayy :)

Finally my first sem is over and im back home !! *does the post sem dance*
The best thing about home is the constant availability of chicken in various forms- chicken kababs, tandooris, fries and to top the list there is always the mom-made mangsher jhol with a taste that lingers on to your tongue forever. Apart from delightfully delicious chicken, 'home' brings along with it extravagant shopping , family get togethers , friend re-unions, phuchka treats, long walks, chocolate fantasies , birthday parties and also few immortal moments with few special people ;)

Lately I have become a complete movie buff!! I managed to watch 9 movies and consume 7 bowls of popcorn in a day (beat that!! ). I saw Twilight and somehow i simply cant get over Edward Colin. I mean Robert Pattinson is sooo incredibly hawt ! His milky white complexion , his passionate blue eyes and his uptight figure makes me go absolutely tweak in my knees. I am dreaming of him these days(err.. nights).Oh I am serious !

I had two birthday parties to attend the other day. The first one was at south city and it was Lindsay Lohan's(the name is just a private joke) belated birthday bash. So there we got him a Cookyjar chocolate cake and golden choco coins and another heart shaped chocolate box, labelled 'golden passion'. (Remarkably sensuous chocolates indeed!!) Then the chitter chatter that followed after that was hilarious. Our cheek muscles ached as we uncontrollably laughed with every utterance of Lindsay Lohan !! Hey wait... He is not some kind of a joker, neither is he a stupid retard okay. He is just a funny friend. The party was SURELY great!!

The second birthday was Sam's. She made pastas nd corn kabli at home , the taste of which could actually give you that flying-in-the-sky kinda sensation. Lovely cook she is!!The party basically constituted of some harmless tang khichayi, who-is-dating-whom gossips, occasional blushes, insane laughters and mouthwatering food.

YAYY... I feel so great being back home!! :D

I was talking to this friend of mine last night and our topic of discussion was 'change'. Something he said probably got very deeply etched in my mind.I am still wandering over those words... "Day by day nothing changes , but when you look back everything is different."

Strange but true !

Monday, January 25, 2010

hello !!

It is only in fairy tales that every story ,no matter how twisted it is, sure does have a perfect ending. Reality is quite different. Things change, they transform from one form to another and finally get back to their original forms . At the end nothing remains. Just a vast stretch of void. Exotic indeed !

The sizzling brownies and the sugar coated cookies are in fact just an integral part of that void. The amazingly delicious brownies to spice up our moods.The Bavarian cookies to sweeten our lives. To make us feel like everything is perfect.

In the middle of the usual hustle bustles, we often forget to notice the brownies and the cookies lying just around us. We tend to overlook the simplicities. We forget to live. So no more bottled up desires. No more pent-up feelings. Here i promise to share all the nice thoughts, the unsaid words and the little things that make a big difference to my life.

I assure you that this blog wont kill you, neither will it frustrate you out of your nerves . Unless of course you are a heartless bum, it will surely make you smile and remind you that you are a part of that wonderful thing called 'life' :)

So a big hello to everyone !!

i just hope i make an infinitesimally small difference to all your lives.... :)
it is only words... and words are all i have... to take your heart away ...
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