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Friday, February 5, 2010

coffees and cuddles and a birthday bash

Im FINALLY back to college .
Last week was insanely awesome!!Oh Hell Im seriously having a severe hangover right now!!

My hearty thanks to all the people who made my home-coming so much special. :-)
No matter how far away i am, there is always a part of me that is left behind with those mom-made yummy cuisines, the hot Capucinoes, the warm chit chats , the mad photo sessions , the dashing girl-parties and of course the incredibly delicious crunchy kfc chickens :P

The muddleheaded crackpots out there aka 'my dear friends' are indeed like ventilators. Click on the link to know what exactly I mean :-)

Cheers to all the coffees and the cuddles that make us feel soooo special !! :D

the warm cuddles <3


the heart melting coffees :)

click to enlarge.

Well... it was mom's birthday today!!
I really wanted to make her happy with something special , something that can make up for all the times i act like a devious little naughty kiddo . I thought, for once i must thank her for tolerating my frequent utter nonsenses , for cooking the best meals ever, for putting up with my madness, for understanding me so well and for always being there for me. I sometimes( err...always) play the guest in my own house... but somehow she is the most amazing host i have ever known !! :)

She is an angel.

This was my gift for her... a card, an aquarius book mark , a coffee mug and a BIG HUG !!

*hugs* <3

yeah.. i meant it !

i hope i made her happy :-)

5 people filled the void:

Krishno said... was a great week :D and a cute blog u have here.. :)

samadrita said...

thanks to auntie and maddy and a belated wish to her .......

oin said...

wow....realli nyc 1 :) very touchy stuff u write....speciali whr u mentiond abt ur mum...realli nyc :)

The Wize Witch said...

lovely post :) :). And the gift was really sweet! :)

Shreya said...

Very touching indeed......u reminded us abt da fact dat moms hold da top position in our lives...:-)

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